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Japanese Maples

Bamboo Botanicals grows many plants around our garden to compliment our bamboo plants. Our garden nursery contains a collection of some of the most rare and unique Japanese Maple plants.

With all the bamboos culms, there is definately alot of 'verticalness' and the bamboo foliage adds a tremendous amount of greenery. Not that greenery is a bad thing, but having colour can add some amazing contrast and focal points to any garden. Japanese Maples is one of the best plants to accomplish this with.

Just like our bamboos, Japanese Maples can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. The colours are especially vibrant as they can appear in all colours of the spectrum throughout the seasons. The leaves of Japanese Maples can emerge in an amazing explosion of colours in Spring and througout Summer. In Fall there is another tranformation as the leaves age to a vibrant spectacle of fall colours.

These Japanese Maples are part of our
'Plants of Zen' Collection

Plants of Zen