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Acer macrophyllum 'Santiam Snows'

Acer macrophyllum 'Santiam Snows' is a name perfectly suited for this stunning decidous tree. This big leaf maple has some of the most amazing variegations in the maple kingdom. The leaves are splashed with varying tones and sizes of white speckles that are reminiscent of snow. Fall colors are orange browns. This one is always an attention grabber. An upright grower and reaching 8' tall x 4' wide in 10 years. 'Santium Snows' is an amazing specimen for an ornamental tree or focal plant. Best suited for a bigger garden needing a mid sized tree. One of our favourites and just a gorgeous tree. A big leaf maple with big league colour!

Acer macrophyllum 'Santiam Snows' was discovered in an area close to the Santiam River in Oregon, USA. Santium River was named by the Santiam Kalapuya indian tribe who once inhabited the area.