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Sasa veitchii

The Sasa genus of bamboos are known for it's cold hardiness and shrub like characteristic. Sasa is most commonly recognized by its large leaves,short stature & dense foliage. Sasa is derived from the Chinese name "Hsai-zhu", which translated means "small bamboo". Native to northern regions of Asia, the Sasa genus are the northermost, naturally distributed bamboo.

Sasa veitchii is a highly ornamental cultivar most notable for its stunning winter colour & pattern. New leaves emerge solid green. In fall, the margins of the leaves wither and develop a bright white outline around the leaf edges, giving a variegated look. With this repeated pattern on all its large leaves, Sasa Veitchii boasts a beauty like no other bamboo.

Due to its aggressive root system, Sasa veitchii is best used as a ground cover bamboo for a large growing area. It's unique root system also makes it useful for stabilizing banks or eroded areas. Can also be very ornamental & attractive in very large pots.