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Bamboo Botanicals - Bamboo Garden and Nursery

Bamboo Botanicals, located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, is a private bamboo garden & nursery dedicated to the appreciation, education and promotion of bamboo.

Bamboo Botanicals grows many species of ornamental and rare bamboo plants here in the greater Vancouver area. As a specialty bamboo plant nursery, our collection includes many varieties of clumping and running bamboo plants from around the world. We stock a variety of colorful bamboos that can range from black, green, red, yellow, striped to even stunning hues of blue! At Bamboo Botanicals, we have species capable of growing into tall bamboo groves to low maintenance clumping bamboos. Whether it's for your yard or pot for your patio, there is a suitable bamboo for almost any garden design.

Our website is also an online resource for learning about bamboo.

Do You Know That ...

bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide image

Bamboo Absorbs carbon dioxide and releases over 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere, compared to an equivalent mass of trees. Making it great for absorbing greenhouse gases.

bamboo is anti bacterial

Bamboo is anti-bacterial. It contains a natural property called bamboo kun that eliminates over two thirds (2/3) of bacteria that attempt to grow on the plant (whether this be in its natural or fabric form).